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The Bullshit Behind “I Was Only Hurting Myself”

I was midway through my day today when I got a text from my supervisor, who is out of town at a training...

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Awesome ‘Let It Go’ Cover by Alex Boyé – One Voice Children’s Choir

  Let It Go – Frozen – Alex Boyé (Africanized Tribal Cover) Ft. One Voice Children’s...

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“Here’s My Number. Call Me Every Day.”

Scott was a giant of a man who shared about how anger used to tear him up, before he worked the steps and dove into the...

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Valentines Day — Makes Me Feel Uncomfortable

I’ve been sober for five years and this is the first year I’ve got a girlfriend on Valentine’s Day....

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Third Step Promises

“Made a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God as we understood Him.”...

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Sponsorship Is An Eye Opener – Both Ways!

“Hello,” I said into the four year old iPhone, after noticing that the number was not...

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Issues With God : Step 2

When I came into #recovery , I had issues with #God and my sponsor told me to put that #higherpower aside and find one...

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